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Amy Wisniewsk shares her review on the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker ICE-21.

She tries to answer the question on everyone’s minds.

“Do you really need to spend $300 bucks on an expensive ice cream maker versus one that is one quarter of that price?”

“Will a cheaper machine mean a less favorable outcome?”

“Will the ice cream still taste good?”

“Should you splurge on a pricer product?”

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker ICE-21 Review by CHOW

She shares some specifications of the Cusinart Frozen Yogurt – Icecream & Sorbet Maker:
1. It can make up to 1.5 Quartz of Frozen Ice Cream or Sorbet
2. It has a Double-Insulated Freezer Bowl
3. A Paddle Ring
4. A See-through Locking Lid
5. A Large Spout/Opening on Top
6. And it costs around $55

Next, she sums up how generally ice cream makers work:
1. As the ice-cream freezes, little ice crystals form in the liquid mix
2. How well the paddle breaks up the ice-crystals, determines how smooth your ice-cream is gonna be
3. Which means, the smoother the ice-cream, the better the machine

She moves on to share that they tested the Ice Cream Maker on 3 basic deserts, namely:
1. Coconut Sorbet (Coconut Milk + Sugar)

2. Standard Style Ice Cream (Milk + Sugar + Cream)

3. Rich French Custard Style Ice Cream (Milk + Sugar + Cream + Eggyolks)


She reveals:
1. The motor of this machine is not super powerful
2. The paddle does just an “Okay Job” in breaking up the ice crystals
3. It results in the graininess of the Coconut Sorbet and Standard Style Ice Cream.
4. But it performed really well and it was very smooth for the Rich French Custard Style Ice Cream Recipe

1. The bowl needs to be frozen before you make the ice-cream for at least 8 hours beforehand
2.  Which means you have to plan ahead and have space in your freezer for this.

1. She liked the large opening on top that allows easy pouring of ingredients such as the ice cream base, nuts, chocolate chips
2. She liked that the bowl was big enough to make a large amount of ice-cream
3. She also like the small and compact size of the machine for easy storage and moving around


Lastly, she gives the conclusion and bottomline:
1. “The richer the base, the smoother and creamier the results.”
2. She recommends sticking to a custard base if you’re keen on purchasing this machine.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker ICE-21 Review by CHOW

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker ICE-21 Review by CHOW


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