Whynter 2.1 Quart Upright Ice Cream Maker Review

The Whytner ICM-201SB 2.1 Quart Upright Ice Cream Maker is specially designed to occupy a small space on your counter with it’s upright, compact shape.

Space saving design. Does not need pre-freezing. Elegant, seek design that’s suitable for modern kitchens.

Inconsistent results from making frozen yogurt to ice-cream as there are no preset modes available for the different timings required. So you’ll get some part of the ice-cream mixture that are frozen, and some that are still in semi-liquid form at times.

Quick Summary

  • A built-in powerful compressor freezer allows for continuous use without the inconvenience of having to pre-freeze the mixing bowl.
  • Comes with a removable stainless steel mixing bowl makes for easy serving and cleanup
  • Equippes with Motor Protection function that stops the motor from churning to prevent overheating or damage to the motor when the mixture becomes solid
  • Has a BPA-free churn blade effectively mixes ingredients from top to bottom
  • Capacity: 2.1 quart (2 liter)
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Takes about 45 minutes to make a batch of ice-cream


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