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Salted Caramel Gelatio Recipe By Gelato Messina Brought To You By Breville

Gelato Messina’s Nick Palumbo and Donato Tace tell us about the science behind a good gelato, and how to make the famous Messina Salted Caramel at home using the Breville Smart Scoop ice cream machine.


Excerpts from The Video Demnostration:

Melt and Caramelise Castor Sugar
About 18% Sugar Level
Sugar controls the scoopability of the Gelato.
If the percentage is lower, the texture will be harder and kinda have more crumbs.
If the sugar level is too high, the Gelato will be sloppy and melt very quickly once you set it on a cone.

Add Cream gradually.
This is the fat content that gives off the rich creamy texture.
Most gelato recipes use about 4% to 8% Fat Content.

Whisk In Skim Milk Powder next.
This gives the recipe some protein.
Proteins allows the mixture to absorb air.
If there isn’t any air, the gelato becomes really hard and not scoopable.

Add in 500 grams of milk.

And lastly for the salted caramel recipe, you need to add salt.
They are using a kind of river salt – Pink Salt.

Heat up the mixture to 85 Degrees and try to cool it down as quickly as possible.
Reason is to pasteurize the product, as you’re dealing with milk and dairy, and you want to prevent bacteria from forming.

After cooling down your mixture, add it to your ice-cream machine to do the churning and rest of the job for you.
For the Breville Smart Sccop, adjust the setting dial to “Gelato” and press start.
For this recipe, it should take roughly 15 to 20 minutes to churn.

For this machine, the great thing is that it automatically senses the hardness of a product.
So once you’ve chosen a setting, and the machines reaches that desire temperature, the machine will keep it at that temperature for you.
You don’t have to quickly rush back and take it out.











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