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Cuisinart ICE 50 BC Professional Ice Cream Maker Video Review by Ruben Porto

This video review is by Ruben Porto from


He shares that the machine comes with a removable bowl, that can make about a litre worth of ice cream at a time.


Cuisinart ICE 50 BC Professional Ice Cream Maker Video Review by Ruben Porto.

This is an automatic ice cream machine as it has a electric compressor. So there is no need to pre-chill the bowl in the freezer.

And this is the biggest advantage it has over the Cusineart Art ICE-30 (Requires 12 hours pre-freezing time).

He compliments the base of the ICE-50 for it’s stainless steel base.

However, he’s unhappy with the detachable top arm of the machine. (Where it houses the driving/turning motor)

He explains that the arm itself is made of plastic, and it is connected to the plastic paddle by another plastic connector.

Cuisinart ICE 50 BC Professional Ice Cream Maker Video Review by Ruben Porto

This is a main drawback feature of the machine for him, as he finds that it does not deliver enough turning power to the connected plastic paddle.


He shows a video clip of how the plastic paddle turns nicely when the ice-cream is still in a liquid form.


But at the 25 minute mark, where the ice-cream is starting to solidify, the motor struggles to turn the paddle.

This is a big no no as it affects the consistency and texture of the ice-cream.

As less air is incorporated into the ice-cream mixture. The finished product would become cold, hard and grainy.


Another defect he observed is that the motor top arm tends to jerk up at times, and causes the paddle to stop churning.

He shares that this seems to be a common problem among users of this machine. Some users suggests that this can be overcome by pressing something heavy on the arm, to weigh it down and prevent it from jerking up.


Alternatively, you can also hang around the machine and press the arm down, which can be a little annoying.


He finds the paddle that is made of plastic, a bit flimsy. With the price of the machine being on the high side, he was hoping for a better quality dasher.


And the last issue he had with the Cuisinart ICE-50, was the strange noise it generated. He explained it sounded like it came from an old and used machine, rather from a brand new one. And offered us a sound sample.

He shares that this seems to be another common problem among other users.



He also wished the opening on the top lid could be bigger, as he had some challenge pouring the premix in.

In conclusion, he shares that his experience with using this machine has not yielded good quality ice-cream.

The ice-cream usually taste cold, hard and sandy due to the lack of air distributed through the mixture by the power-lacking turning motor and plastic paddle.


Cuisinart ICE 50 BC Professional Ice Cream Maker Video Review by Ruben Porto

He would not recommend the Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker.
He prefers the cheaper Cuisinart ICE-30 which makes ice-cream smooth and creamy, at a third of the price of the ICE-50.

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